Get prompt, crystal-clear feedback for your important emails


EmailFlow Outlook add-in helps you simplify and expedite your email reviewing process directly from Outlook.

EmailFlow - Collaborative email review and approval add-in for Outlook | Product Hunt

Reviewing emails is messy and takes a lot of your precious time

This is why we created EmailFlow Outlook add-in. The only collaborative email add-in for Microsoft 365 users.

Seamless collaboration for professional emails

Add Approvers

Add approvers you’d like to

review your email.




Receive feedback, make comments,

approve or reject the e-mail. 



Send Email

Send your e-mail

once ready!



Finally, the clarity you need

It is easy to get lost between changes, feedback, color codes, and comments, especially when many approvers are reviewing the same email!


With EmailFlow you can:

Track changes and avoid confusion with version control

Easily visualize change suggestions, comments and feedback

Visualize approval status directly from Outlook

Stay up to date of the reviewing and approval process with notifications

Expedite email reviewing 

Streamline the email review and approval process

Send email approval requests directly from Outlook

Easily approve or reject changes

Enable auto-send after all stakeholders approve

Collaborate directly from Outlook

 Send approval requests and check approval status directly in Outlook. EmailFlow works within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. 

Second pair of eyes (or as many as you need)

Add as many approvers as you need to review your email. No third-party reviews emails. All sensitive material stays within your company.

Finally send your email on time

Email reviewing doesn´t have to be so time-consuming. EmailFlow will make it easy to receive and implement feedback.

"EmailFlow has been great as now I can have my email reviewed by managers and people who are more skilled in this areas" - Anonymous user

"It allows us to have our emails peer reviewed before being sent out to a customer (I'm personally terrible at writing emails) and has caught a lot of mistakes that get made in really important communications." - Anonymous user

Get emails reviewed and approved, FASTER ⚡

Free during early access!

We’d love to hear your feedback



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